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Time is Running Out: Get GameMaker: Studio Master Collection for $499.99!

Posted on 26 July 2013

Take advantage of this amazing value before it’s too late!

In the weeks leading up to the launch of GameMaker: Studio 1.2 in mid-August, YoYo Games is encouraging customers to take advantage of the current and very low $499.99 price of GameMaker: Studio Master Collection. Master Collection is the version of Studio that includes Professional and all current and future export modules as they are made available. Version 1.2 will deliver a highly expanded feature set including cross-platform support for Shaders and the YoYo Compiler which has the ability to increase project performance 100 fold. With the expanded functionality set to arrive in 1.2, the price of Master Collection will increase to $799.99 in a little less than a month’s time!

If you already have GameMaker: Studio Pro and exports, Master Collection upgrades are available - you just pay the difference!*

Take advantage of these last weeks of very low Master Collection pricing and reap the benefits of all current and existing exports plus the YoYo Compiler (to be sold separately for $299.99).

Purchase Master Collection now!

Find out more about GameMaker: Studio Master Collection.

The YoYo Games Team

*Minimum upgrade price of $0. If you have previously purchased GameMaker: Studio Professional and export modules to a total value equal to or greater than the Master Collection price of $499.99, you will receive an upgrade to Master Collection for no additional cost.

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