YoYo Games digs deep to bring back the dead for Halloween in “Grave Maker”

Posted on 30 October 2012

Grave Maker

Innovative HTML5 Social Game Showcases the Power, Functionality and Quality Possible with Cross-Platform GameMaker: Studio Technology


Players Can Access the Same Game with Facebook Login from Any Device


YoYo Games today unveils “Grave Maker,” a social game available now on Facebook, Android tablets and HTML5 Web formats that is also coming soon for iPad. “Grave Maker” has served as a prototype throughout GameMaker: Studio’s development as a test bed for implementing a variety of features that makes GameMaker: Studio the most versatile and efficient game development environment available. Grave Maker is one of the first social games to allow players to login with their Facebook credentials and access the same game across platforms allowing them to pick up where they left off, from the device of their choice.


“Grave Maker” represents the best in social game design. Players can farm undead minions from werewolves to banshees, farm fauna and flora and unlock a host of cosmetic items to decorate their graveyards. Players can also add structures to enhance their graveyards, from creepy crypts to mysterious mansions. Grave Maker is a hybrid of traditional social farming and defence titles, placing players in a world where they must farm and harvest an army from their graveyards and then put that army to work by defending the graveyard from waves of angry villagers. “Grave Maker” is free to play and features 30 profound levels of content.


“Grave Maker is the culmination of all our research and experience in developing games with GameMaker: Studio and as such, is the most complex game we’ve made so far,” comments Stuart Poole, head of publishing at YoYo Games. “We’re sure that with its innovative cross-platform, single-account profiles, high production values and deep gameplay, Grave Maker will be a hit and grow far beyond its roots as our pet project for testing GameMaker: Studio’s features.”


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