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Posted on 6 September 2012

The GameMaker: Studio Family of Products

YoYo Games is very excited to introduce three new additions to the GameMaker: Studio family of products with the release of GameMaker: Studio Version 1.1!

GameMaker: Studio [FREE!]

Immediately get started creating high quality games then publish native executables for both Microsoft Windows and OS X with a resource limited FREE version of GameMaker: Studio™.

Limitations within the FREE version can be seen at the bottom of this news post. 

GameMaker: Studio STANDARD [$49.99]

Unlock unlimited resources with GameMaker: Studio™ STANDARD and distribute your games to Microsoft Windows and OS X users around the world.

STANDARD customers will be able to upgrade to PROFESSIONAL at any time for $59.99.

GameMaker: Studio PROFESSIONAL [$99]

GameMaker: Studio™ PROFESSIONAL unlocks the full power of GameMaker: Studio™, giving you all the great features of STANDARD with the added ability to purchase and plug-in Android ($199), iOS ($199) and HTML5 ($99) export modules, collaborate within a team through Source Control and monetize your game with an unprecedented amount of Developer Services

GameMaker: Studio MASTER COLLECTION [$499]

Bringing all of GameMaker: Studio™’s best features and export modules together, GameMaker: Studio™ MASTER COLLECTION gives you the power to create, test, monetize and distribute games to iOS, Android, Windows, OS X and HTML5.

GameMaker: Studio Comparison

For more information about the new GameMaker: Studio family of products and to see what’s new in GameMaker: Studio 1.1, simply head over to the Studio overview here!

GameMaker: Studio™ Free Limitations


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