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YoYo Games Adds Nine Video Game Titles to NOOK Store™

Posted on 6 August 2012


YoYo Games today announces the availability of nine new games for NOOK, created with its GameMaker: Studio cross-platform games development technology, on Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Store. GameMaker: Studio, launched in May, allows developers to create games in a single code base and then export and run them on NOOK. YoYo games used this innovative technology to publish nine new games on NOOK Apps™, including “Froad,” “Pollushot,” and “Reflexions,” with plans to roll out more in the coming months. All nine titles are available for immediate download on Barnes & Noble’s award-winning NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color for just 99 cents each.


“We are thrilled to be introducing such a large selection of games to NOOK owners and showing developers how easy it can be to publish to NOOK once they’ve created games with GameMaker: Studio,” said Stuart Poole, head of publishing at YoYo Games. “From family-friendly titles like ‘Froad,’ to the gravity defying technical marvel ‘They Need to Be Fed,” we are offering a highly entertaining gaming experience for all NOOK owners to engage in and enjoy.”


“YoYo Games’ GameMaker: Studio technology provides even more opportunities for third-party games developers to reach millions of NOOK customers quickly and easily with high-quality apps,” said Claudia Romanini, Director of Developer Relations at Barnes & Noble. “YoYo Games is showing how easy it can be for developers to create great games and then leverage our platform to significantly expand the audience and revenue potential.”


Games now available on NOOK include:



Froad is a family-friendly game featuring a little character that’s a mix between a frog and a toad. Players need to help Froad lash his tongue to catch his favorite bugs and avoid the bees in this simple yet addictive single tap game.  Froad features more than 60 achievements to unlock and six leader boards.



PollushotIn the polluted, arcade-style worlds of “Pollushot” the sling shot control system and unique arcade style require players to catch the debris that falls from their ships, and then use it against their enemies to break their defenses. The more ships destroyed, the higher the score.  



Reflexions“Reflexions” is a beautiful and highly addictive neon puzzle game.  In “Reflexions,” players rotate mirrors to reflect a ball of light around each level, avoiding obstacles while collecting diamonds to unlock the exit. “Reflexions” features 40 levels spanning four worlds, simple single click controls and 20 achievements to unlock.


Simply Minesweeper

Simply Minesweeper“Simply Minesweeper” features eight levels of difficulty ranging from ‘easy’ to ‘nuclear,’ more than 30 achievements to unlock, eight leader boards to climb and a custom game mode. Newcomers and veterans alike will find themselves at home with this beautiful rendition of the classic Minesweeper.


Simply Solitaire Pro

Simply Solitaire ProWith its natural card layout, feature rich content and polished visual style, Simply Solitaire Pro is the only solitaire game you need. Simply Solitaire Pro is a highly customizable game with unique card backs and backgrounds, adjustable deck position and rotatable screen orientation giving players the opportunity to play solitaire how they choose.


Simply Word Search

Simply Word SearchPlayers have access to more than 40 categories in “Simply Word Search,” YoYo Games’ take on the favorite puzzle game. With two game modes to play, Simply Word Search offers players a polished and content rich experience.


Skydiver Drop Zone

Skydiver Drop ZoneThis sequel to Skydiver Mach II will test your nerves in this simple yet addictive split second reaction game. Tap and hold to free fall, release as close to the line as you dare and then guide your Skydiver into the drop zone. The closer to the line you release, the more points players earn.

Sync Simple

Sync SimpleSet your pulse racing with this simple yet highly addictive retro space shooter featuring hypnotic visuals, vibrant levels and hypnotic beats. Sync Simple will have you hooked to your high score as you synchronize your guns with the increasing flow of aliens invading your screen. Sync Simple features 3 control modes: tap, tilt and slide.


They Need To Be Fed

They Need To Be FedPlayers need to feed the monsters in this beautiful 360-degree gravity-based platformer by running and jumping through 11 crazy worlds, avoiding many dangers and collecting the diamonds. This media darling features more than 80 levels to complete and 36 achievements to unlock.


All of YoYo Games’ titles are 99 cents on the NOOK Store.


GameMaker: Studio is available now at

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