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Posted on 30 May 2012

On May 23rd (the day after GameMaker: Studio launch) our YoYo Games Forum was severely attacked. We have managed to field off attacks like this in the past but it has got to the point where it now poses a serious security risk for the rest of the site and its users. The software these forums are based on is old and obsolete, so there is no easy fix.

This has regrettably forced us into the position of closing the forums and moving everyone into the safer, and far more secure forums at the GameMaker Community. We’ve been working with the admins and moderators of the YYGF to find a solution but it’s become obvious that without the man power to dedicate to the problem, we simply can’t fix it. With everyone at YoYo Games involved in GameMaker:Studio, we simply don’t have the capacity to properly fix the security concerns at the YYGF (if it’s even possible).

So from Friday, June 1, the YYGF will be closed, and members will be asked to register at the GameMaker Community (GMC) forums. Current YYGF moderators are being invited to join the team there, and will be allowed to pick an area to help out in, and to help the rest of the YYGF community move in.

We feel this is the best solution available, and actually is a golden opportunity for both communities! The GMC has traditionally been a place for people who like to create games, while the YYGF has been a place for games players. Now it seems only logical to us, that those making games need constant feedback from experts in playing them, while gamers gain access to new games and get to give suggestions before they are released, helping them to be the blockbusters everyone wants them to be!

We’d love everyone to come and join in some of these discussions, bring a fresh perspective and show the kinds of games GameMaker is capable of making. We realise that merging the two communities will take some time and patience on both sides, but urge everyone to get involved because we here at YoYo think the potential for success is massive!

It is also worth undertaking a small 'rebranding' of the GMC to make it clear these are now ONE official forums, and that everyone knows that when they come there, they’ll get the answers they’re looking for. This will likely be in the form of a new name for the forum.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this transition. We look forward to hearing your feedback online at the GMC. 

The YoYo Team

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