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Updating Your Mac To Use Xcode 5

Posted on 4 October 2013

With the release of iOS 7, and ready for the forthcoming OS X 10.9, Apple now require all iOS and Mac development to be done using the newly-released Xcode 5. This means you will have to update your Mac software accordingly before you will be able to build/test your games in all versions of GameMaker: Studio after 1.2.1145 and above. This guide will inform you about this process, plus how to return to development after installing Xcode 5. Please note, you will need to update to GM v1145+ if you have already installed Xcode 5 and are now getting an error when trying to build your game.


Why Do I Have To Do This?

Be aware you cannot avoid doing this if you want to remain an effective ongoing Apple developer - you can of course stay on your current version of GM, but you will soon be unable to submit new or updated apps to the AppStore for iOS and Mac.

Also, you must be on a Mac running a supported version of OS X for Xcode 5. This means only Mountain Lion and the pre-release of Mavericks - if you want iOS YYC development, then the tools for that already require Mountain Lion 10.8.4 or above. If you are running an older copy of OS X you will have to update by buying an OS X update in the AppStore. If you are unable to update your OSX because your hardware is not supported by the recent version, then we are unfortunately also unable to support your machine going forward.

Please note that it is not recommended by Apple to use Mavericks (OS X 10.9) for development/submission at this time and also that this guide does not show how to update your OS X if you are not already on 10.8+.

For more information on Xcode 5 requirements and changes, please see: and for more details information on UI changes inside the software.


Updating Your Software

Assuming you're on OS X 10.8, you should be presented with a system update which includes Xcode 5 and the new iTunes. If not, check for updates in the AppStore. You will need to install both - without the new iTunes your iOS7 device won't like talking to your Mac and you will constantly be asked on the device if you want to trust the Mac.

Be advised the combined download is fairly hefty and requires a reboot, so ensure all work is saved and other programs shut down before you begin this process.


Inside Xcode 5

At the end of the install process Xcode 5 will ask you if you wish to install documentation and the command line tools. You must say yes to this - as before, you need to matching command line tools in order for GM to be able to communicate with your Mac. This extra download dialogue should remain in place until complete, but if it doesn't, double-check it has installed the tools, as we have already seen one instance where it said it had, but the tools still showed as available to download inside Xcode > Preferences > Downloads.


Focussing on the changes for GM developers to be aware of, Xcode > Window > Organizer has changed in a couple of important ways:

First, and most importantly, your provisioning profiles have moved to Xcode > Preferences > Accounts. Add your required Apple Developer account(s) there (it will likely have filled this in for you already using the information stored in your AppStore and Xcode 4) and then click the refresh button in order to re-download all of your certificates and profiles. Make sure you do have everything you're entitled to, as we have seen it download just Mac or just iOS and require a second refresh to get the other platform. You will need to do this as Xcode 5 won't copy over your existing Xcode 4 provisioning files. Note that if you happen to have GM open before doing this you will still see the list of old profiles, but they won't be found by Xcode during a build process and so it will fail to make your game.


Secondly, the Devices "Add to Member Center" button is always active for some reason. It will add your device to the portal correctly, but the button currently doesn't update and there is no real confirmation of a successful add either, causing confusion as to whether your device is okay. As such, when you view this screen it will look as if your Mac and your testing devices need to be added to your Member Center, but this is likely not the case. As long as you were able to get your profiles in the last step, then your device is registered correctly. If you do need to register a new device when doing this, click the button, then choose an appropriate developer account to tie it to - likely the Agent account, but you will of course need the password for this if it isn't saved already.



Whilst you don't need to do anything inside iTunes you must download the new version and set it up initially in order to be able to work with your iOS7 device correctly, as mentioned earlier.


YYC Compatibility

There are no further requirements specific to YYC development, so once you have completed the Inside Xcode 5 section you are set up for YYC also.

So now you should be able to build again and continue developing for iOS and Mac, but if not please ensure you confirm your details are correct in your Member Center and check the profiles which Xcode has downloaded before reporting any Helpdesk tickets. Once again, please note that if you are unable to follow this guide because you can't update your OS X, then we are unfortunately unable to offer any further support beyond advising you to purchase a compliant Mac.

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