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GameMaker Community - Roencia Game Creators

Posted on 17 April 2012

Here at YoYo Games we like to encourage and promote GameMaker community endeavours. Today, we're highlighting Roencia Game Creators:


Roencia Game Creators is a resource for indie and casual game developers that offers “Graphics for Games”, amongst other things, for those that want to focus on programming and not the creation of graphics. Developers can make games using these graphics without paying royalties or even attributing them (*credit is really nice though)!  Developers can edit and modify the graphics in any way for use in game/application. 

A number of GameMaker members are always on the lookout for great resources for their projects and we think this is a great site to check out!

If you like to find out more information, please see the links provided below;

Roencia Game Creators Facebook

@Roencia Twitter 

Roencia YouTube Channel

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