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GameMaker Community - Indie Underdog Pack

Posted on 15 March 2012

Six independent game developers from our own GMC have collaborated and constructed a bundle of GameMaker games called the Indie Underdog Pack (IUP) available via thier website and 8bitfunding from Wednesday 14th March 2012, 5.30pm EST.

The Iup Bundle: is a developer-driven fund-raiser. In exchange for your support, you receive a collection of DRM-free video games. Each of these games are of commercial quality and developed by a small independent developer; usually a small group or a team of two. Your support goes to the developers -- not some big company -- and helps the continued creation of unique and fun games.

The pack aims to provide funding from which the indie developers can distribute their games in order to gain further funding for their next project. The pack costs just $5 and contains the following;




Other goodies to be included are posters, alpha and beta access to unreleased games and even a say in what games go into the next pack offering exceptional value for money.

Why help the underdogs?

If you believe that little dogs have big dreams, then know that indie developers have big dreams too. Indies take risks that big studios won't. Indies try ideas that wouldn't normally get tried. Indies spend hours and hours creating great games with little-to-no resources, funding or support. Supporting this campaign ensures that indies have a place to distribute their game once it is complete. More importantly, to support the continued development of indie games. 

Your contributions go towards the six indie developers who have offered their games as rewards for this campaign - the creation of the Indie Underdog Pack: a resource for indie developers to distribute their games and fund continued development of their project. 

The Indie IP Mission: "We want to create a resource where indie developers can distribute their games as a bundle and receive funding for the development of their next project. We believe that indie developers have a big impact on the gaming industry, despite being the underdogs. We hope that you choose to “Indie-UP and support our campaign!”


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