Marks joins YoYo Games

Posted on 17 February 2012

Please welcome Nocturne aka Mark Alexander to the YoYo Games Team this week! Mark (previously a moderator on the GMC) has now joined us to 'head up' the documentation of all things GameMaker such as helpfiles, tutorials, demos and wiki.

Mark is a 39 year old computer geek from Scotland whose love affair with computers started a long time ago with the dear old zx81, Mark has had many jobs such as musician, croupier, photographer, bouncer... but programming has always been a passion throughout his life. Mark has been a strong advocate in using GameMaker now for a long time (even managing to actually make a game or two!) and an active and valuable member of the GMC for a couple of years. So much so that we didn't want to lose him entirely on the forum so we made him an Admin :)

Please give him a warm, official, community welcome!

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