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Gaming competitions 2012

Posted on 30 January 2012


This year in the Netherlands the Creative Game Challenge is again taking place. This is a game development competition for Dutch highschool students, organized by Utrecht University and supported by YoYo Games. This year’s theme is Collisions. All games in the competition are created using GameMaker, and large prizes can be won. The top prize is 1500 euro. So all Dutch GameMaker users that are in highschool (VWO, HAVO, VMBO) are recommended to participate in the competition. You must register before the end of February and submit your game before the end of March. For more information, see:


Samsung Bada Challenge

Always good to hear good news, back in our post in October 2011, we are delighted to congratulate the winning team from Dundee’s own Abertay University that picked up first prize in the Samsung bada Student Developer Challenge.  The competition challenged teams of students to create new games for Samsung’s app store – starting with a gruelling 24 hour game jam.

Tom DeMajo, Erin Michno and Ian Reynolds, collectively known as Quartic Llama, built Moeba, an side-scrolling, colour-changing action game with a unique organic style. Players have to destroy cells by tapping the phone screen, to keep their character safe


Abertay University also took the prize for the best university, because it produced the winning team. Three other teams out of the twelve who competed came from Abertay, highlighting the university’s presence within the games sector.

The contest, judged by Samsung and a panel of mobile industry experts, gave the team £5,000 and their game will be promoted on the Samsung Apps store.



The Global Game Jam as well as the GMC Jam was over the weekend, a lot of busy people were beavering away on their own games. A link to your game MUST be posted here before the end of the Jam to qualify for votes in the final stage (ends 23:59 PM GMT Monday 30th Jan). 

Some of you may have noticed that the GMC was down for several hours over the weekend :( Well, the server had crashed and took the database with it. Mike D. spent Saturday afternoon repairing it as best he can but the database did take some damage, including (most significantly) the user database.

It looks like many users have lost their accounts, so you will have to re-register. You should be able to use the same name, but you will have lost your stats, friends and the like.

We are really sorry about this, but it's beyond our control. 

If someone has had to re-register, can you please post here. Thanks!

The YY Team

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