GMC Game Jam no#5

Posted on 26 January 2012


It's that time again. Co-oinciding with the Global Game Jam this weekend, you are spoilt for choice :) Prizes include GameMaker:HTML5 and T-shirts from YoYo games and a whole host of donated community prizes!  The standard for the entries has steadily been growing pretty high and we are excited to see what comes out from this. See the talented winners of the last jam here.


It's at 00:01 GMT Saturday 28th January and finishing at 23:59 GMT Monday 30th 


The Jam is a community event that is organised to encourage people to experiment with GameMaker and make something that will be interesting or entertaining within the limited timescale of 72 hours. The rules are pretty simple...

Click here for the full details of entry and rules.

Leaving you with the words of our GMC Moderator, Nocturne "Remember everyone, the aim of the Jam is not to win, but to participate, experiment, and have as much fun as possible! Everyone that participated in the previous Jam had a great time and some fantastic and interesting games were produced, so lets see if we can make this next one even better!"


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