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All this talk of Pi has got Scott hungry...

Posted on 2 December 2011

We’ve been watching closely the development of the Raspberry Pi which is tipped to capture the imaginations of a new generation with an “ultra-low-cost” computer the size of a credit card.

(we like the rather fetching Raspberry Pi stickers we got today)

The British-designed Pi is being heralded as the saviour of modern IT education in UK classrooms, one that will raise a new generation – equipping youngsters with the skills they need to survive in world hooked on web connected technologies. The Raspberry Pi's engineers want to give kids (and schools) some cheap and educational kit that won't break or turn into a nightmare to maintain.

So as a Friday teaser, here’s a sneak preview of what Scott has been working on: GameMaker running on a PC Linux (Fedora 15) under LXDE window manager.

Pretty cool huh!

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