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The GMC Jam #4 Winners!

Posted on 15 November 2011

Congratulations to all the members who took part and entered their finished game in 72 hours. It took over a week for votes to come in and we now have the winners below!

1st place: Carmageddon by Robert3DG+

Taking place in a futuristic city, the city police have recently got annoyed with how you jaywalk, take candy from babies and act like a jerk. So they've sent out hundreds of military grade hover drones after your ass! Dodge them for as long as you can and use the space bar to fire your machine gun! It may be weak, but the bullets are infinite. Radical!We need a price check... on chumps!


2nd place: Sophia's Spirits by IceMetalPunk and TheUltimate  

3rd place: PolyGravity by YellowAfterLife

This game has 'vector' graphics and is based on dynamically changing gravity. This law of physics changes as you move around and interact with objects, providing challenges. A puzzle game with quirky backgrounds and ambient musice creating atmospheric levels, a fun and challenging 360 platformer.

Honorable mentions;

4th place: Zombie Zoo Murder Case by Yal

5th place (Joint): The Deep Sky by TrueValhalla, Gaming 101 by makerofthegames

Nocturne and Zeddidragon deserve special credit due to their invaluable help in the organisation of this Jam. Thank you chaps, keep up the sterling work!

There was some amazing entries this time around, we recommend you have a look and play. For the list of the full 59 games entered please click here -

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