November updates

Posted on 9 November 2011

HTML5 News

News this week comes from Adobe halting development on Flash Player for mobile browsers. This is good news for those with GameMaker:HTML5!

We believe the next defining technology for both social and mobile platforms to be HTML5. We saw an ideal opportunity to bring the ease of development GameMaker delivers, into the world of HTML5. GameMaker gives an incredibly rapid development cycle, far quicker than what has traditionally been used for games, and one which YoYo Games itself has used time and again to produce iOS and Android hits. We therefore spent some time working out if the platform would be suitable for HTML5, and once we got some of our games running, it became apparent that it would not only work, but prove to be an incredibly powerful platform to use.

The favour towards HTML5 as the only platform for all future social and mobile game development has steered our business focus on releasing GameMaker:HTML5 and soon to launch, GameMaker Studio Edition.


YoYo News

We have a new sign up on the homepage of the website for those who are interested to be the first to receive news and advance information on all things GameMaker. If you have already signed up on our previous HTML5 news you are already on this mailing list and do NOT need to sign up again. We have an exciting promotion coming later with one of our recent game releases. We will keep you posted though so you don’t miss out!

We have had reports from customers that there is an issue where small minorities of purchases are not successful. Paypal has not completed the purchase or is preventing it going through. If you have a Paypal reference then please send to the helpdesk  so we can check.  To combat this recent disruption we are introducing new methods in the very near future so hopefully it will resolve this by providing alternative methods of payment. I’m sure this will be a welcome addition to those who have experienced Paypal difficulties in the past. 

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