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Happy Halloween from YoYo Games!

Posted on 31 October 2011

GameMaker News

Apple have just changed the Mac App Store acceptance rules. Any applications need to support a new Sandboxing feature that requires special intervention (if you do not used the latest Xcode). Fortunately GameMaker for Mac apps DO support it J

Making life easier and to be able to get your GameMaker work onto the App store is the App Composer 1.3! App Composer is a little tool that lets you package Mac Applications for the App Store with little hassle. This features Sandboxing, improved signing that targets GameMaker for Mac (signs the yoyosound and SDL frameworks) and other extras. Grab this for free here -


We have a couple of new games to be released in early November through YoYo Games. The latest titles have been in production for a while and we have been busy preparing these for the ever expanding, different platforms we now publish on. Look out for these exciting announcements very soon!


There will be a small new update to GameMaker Standard this week and not far behind that will be another for GameMaker:HTML5.

GameMaker Studio is in the works, we do not have a release date YET but we will announce this here when we do. For those with GameMaker:HTML5, you will be to upgrade to this easily at a discounted rate. We do not have full information on this yet so hold off on asking, we WILL inform everyone when we know what this will be. 



The fourth GMC weekend Jam is now over! See the entries here - Winners are still to be announced later this week. Well done to all those who entered, we’ll show the work of the winner when judging has finished.


Issue 2 of IndieGo is out now, full with GameMaker news, Reflexion review, interviews and competitions.

Issue #2

Printed - £2.80


Want to get involved? If you have a new game coming out and would like to write a piece on it or if you write a review for an indie game, please send an email to with some information about the game and IndieGo will be in touch!


Another worthy mention is Indie(function) are a development media team who provide not only an online magazine but are broadcasting indie(radio) every Saturday providing news, games and interviews! To subscribe and listen, sign up here


We'd like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and to leave you with a new spooky demo of 'GraveMaker' in GameMaker:HTML5 to enjoy!


The YY Team 


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