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Project Spartan reveals HTML5 platform

Posted on 11 October 2011

On Monday, Apple unleashed Facebook v4.0 on the App Store which supports the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad using iOS 4.0 and later. But the real big news is that Facebook has also launched its HTML5-based Facebook Platform, aka "Project Spartan". The iOS version has received a dramatic overhaul that allows users to launch HTML5-based apps or those already installed locally on the device.

The announcement yesterday revealed key information amongst those who have the ability to link and launch native apps via Facebook bookmarks. Details are in a post of the Facebook Developer blog -

This move allows app developers to use the viral channels of a browser-faced Facebook to spread games, post requests and use the news feed. This is all part of "Project Spartan" which we speculated about in an earlier post. You will be able to link direct to a native version of your game on a mobile device. Great news for those working with GameMaker:HTML5!

Facebook have also implemented a feature in the native iOS Facebook app which allows users to purchase, use and bookmark third party apps from the platform and purchase Facebook Credits. The extension of Facebooks Credit system to mobile could mean that HTML5 developers will have to use it or not at all as native apps will still use Apples own payment system. 

Facebook have some apps to show on your phone or tablet,  built using HTML5, providing an experience that will work across iOS, Android, and other mobile devices.


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