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YoYo Games - Staying Hungry

Posted on 9 October 2011

The untimely death of Steve Jobs this week has had the internets social networks going crazy. The co-founder of Apple, American inventor and entrepreneur famous for his user-friendly philosophy, has left an extraordinary legacy in shaping the world today. His vision turned the gaming industry on its head with the iPhone, iPad and the App store and created a new wave of social gaming worldwide. Apple continue to set the pace set by Jobs, with this weeks announcement that was all about the software.

The iPhone 4S: still similar to its predecessor, replete with the same 3.5in Retina 640x960 display. Three main improvements are a faster processor, a souped up 8MP camera and a new voice recognition system called “Siri”. This is Apples' new personal assistant software using voice recognition software, you can ask "Siri" to perform various tasks for you just by speaking.

Where the A5 will almost certainly come into its own is for heavy-duty gaming with 7 times faster graphics. The 4S is going to make a big difference as far as we are concerned as it’ll allow GameMaker:HTML5 to run at great speeds.

iOS 5 brings over 200 new features such as "Siri" and the good news that it will run GameMaker:HTML5 games also. The October 12th launch of long promised "iCloud", lets people store music, pictures, videos and other digital files online and access the content across Apple computers and mobile devices.

Surprisingly absent was the heavily rumoured announcement of “Project Spartan”. Codename "Project Spartan" is the name for a new platform in Facebook. Facebook CTO Bret Taylor has talked for months of the importance he places on HTML5 development as a way to conserve Facebooks engineering resources. 

Facebook will allegedly announce “Project Spartan”, an HTML-based platform that accommodates third-party Web developers to write apps for Facebooks' mobile applications. Built to be a distribution platform for games and other Facebook apps, “Project Spartan” will reportedly feature quicker Notifications, bookmarking forapps, and an App Search. We await with eager anticipation.............

Read the interview with Sandy on Gamasutra where he talks about YoYo plans for HTML5, Facebook and GameMaker Studio here -

RIP Steve. Staying hungry.


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