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They Need To Be Fed - Now on Facebook!

Posted on 4 October 2011

Today we are delighted to bring you YoYo's first Facebook game They Need To Be Fed!


This is made with GameMaker:HTML5 Beta version and is the popular original game now on the new Facebook platform. 


They Need To Be Fed is a game where you have to run and jump through 7 crazy worlds to feed the monsters. It doesn't matter which way you go: You can't fall off because of the 360°gravity. Jumping from rotating planes to moving ones, avoid dangers and collect diamonds. Each world has 7 exciting levels and a special "x" level to unlock.

They Need To Be Fed Lite is a free version with the first 3 worlds that you can just play, with the option to unlock the full game with just 10 Facebook credits.  


We hope you are as excited about this as we are, it is an addictive game and hope to see you all playing soon! 

YoYo Team



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