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New Community GameMaker:HTML5 games

Posted on 28 September 2011

Since we launched GameMaker:HTML5 last week, there has been a phenomenal interest in GameMaker! Some of our community have been VERY busy indeed creating their HTML5 games on our forums! Here is just a few posted up already;

Fartoids HTML5 by Alex Aris -

Dodgeball by Jeff T V Jensen 

Sour Realm Minds by Centauri - 

AstroJanitor by JonathanPzone- 

As well as a number of Facebook games appearing;

Super Awesome Pong! By Alex Tritt

…and our very own NAL (aka Andrew McCluskey) - Ne Touchez Pas (HTML5) 

To play more games and find out more information on how to get your games up and running, go to our forum topic GameMaker:HTML5 - 

If that wasn't enough to convince you how much fun (and easy this is) take a look at our trailer out this week…


A very well done to IndieGo who have been enterprising and issued their first magazine!

This is based on independent gaming and featuring games reviews and tips and tricks. Their first edition is a free digital download for a limited time, grab it here – We love supporting community efforts like this and expect this to be the first of many from these guys. Please also support them by joining their Facebook page and leaving them some feedback


In YoYo news, Sandy was recently interviewed by PocketGamer on his thoughts on all things HTML5 for the future. He says...

We're working on GameMaker:HTML5. We think we have a game-oriented development tool that can fill the huge gap left by Flash.

And the great news for GameMaker developers is that we're running full steam ahead to get GameMaker: Studio out this year. With Studio, you can target HTML5 and also produce native apps for iOS and Android, so you can fit on and off deck as far as app stores, go as well as hedging for browser performance issues, especially on Android.

In terms of content, we're planning on releasing our top iOS/Android titles like They Need to Be Fed on Facebook and monetised using FB coins. For the first time we'll be looking at Facebook as an alternative to the Apple App Store or Android Market, and from late October, every game we publish will be both native and HTML5 wherever possible.

We're also developing HTML5 social games in GameMaker, and we'll use the advanced features of the forthcoming GameMaker:Studio to deliver these both as native apps on iOS, Android and Symbian, as well as Spartan-compatible HTML5 games.

To read the full interview go to -


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