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Microsoft BUILD Conference 2011

Posted on 20 September 2011

So we sent Mike off to BUILD, California last week and he came back with some useful info, a tad jetlagged and brought back some jelly beans and a new toy. The highlights are below..

BUILD was all about Windows 8. Microsoft is counting on the next-generation platform to not only reaffirm its hold on the desktop operating system market, but also stake a share in the tablet market currently dominated by Apple's iPad.

Rumours of a Windows 8 tablet turned out to be true, with the 5,000 developers registered to attend each receiving their own Samsung-built device to work with.

The interface embraces the "Metro" aesthetic pioneered by Microsoft's Zune and Windows Phone software, drawing away from the "Aero" design used in Windows Vista and Windows 7. The desktop version will fully support plug-ins and extensions, according to a post on the official "Building Windows 8" blog. However, the Metro-style browser will be "plug-in free." Dean Hachamovitch, head of Microsoft's Internet Explorer team, said "Plug-ins were important early on in the web's history. But the web has come a long way since then with HTML5." Interestingly, we'll be watching to see how Flash is going to work on the 'Metro Style Apps' section using Adobe AIR.

Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer briefly touched on the Windows Phone in his keynote address. Ballmer mentioned the recent announcement of the first Windows Phone Mango handsets from the likes of HTC and Samsung as having given the platform fresh momentum, but made it clear that it was Nokia's Windows Phones that would really push the boundaries.

Mike also used his schmoozing powers with some of the Microsoft IE guys and some core developers. It's a tough life! 


Mike will write up his experience from his notes when he gets time (ha!) but for now GameMaker:HTML5 is our priority to get out the door for Thursday 22nd Sept! We will announce the moment it will be available here, through Facebook and Twitter channels and you can still sign up to get advance notice here 

Are you ready....? 



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