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Are you ready?

Posted on 16 September 2011



The much anticipated release of GameMaker:HTML5 is almost upon us!  We are excited to bring you updated news on the latest GameMaker has a launch date of Thursday 22 September 2011!



YoYo Games announce a brand new edition of the world's most popular Game Development Tool! For a better look at GameMaker:HTML5, take a look at our first screenshots -


GameMaker:HTML5 introduces a range of new features including Team Collaboration; this allows mulitiple individuals to work on the same project simultaneously. HTML5 is also perfectly suited to creating other types of web content for the latest browser standards, including animated logos and other dynamic page elements.

GameMaker:HTML5 is leading the revolution in the HTML5 wave with easily created, easily deployable content. Question is, are YOU ready to join...?


Available to buy at a reduced rate of $99 from

The YoYo Team


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