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Posted on 26 August 2011

As we near the beta release of GameMaker HTML5, we wanted to start showing some of the things we've been trying with it! Welcome the YoYo Games EXPERIMENTAL site! On this page we've loaded up some demos and games we've been using to test out GameMaker HTML5.

Now, being an experimental site, you'll realise that not everything runs perfectly, but they do show the progress we're making. Most of these tests are of iOS games that we've simply "exported" using the new HTML5 exporter, meaning that very few of them will run well on mobile devices, however we have also put our GraveMaker test up here.

GraveMaker This was written to run well on tablets, specifically the iPad - even on iOS4.2, which is particularly slow for HTML5 content. Now you although you get the chance to play with it yourself, please remember this is a quick tech demo and test, so there are issues with it; in fact, it's FAR from perfect. But again, it does show what you can do with GameMaker HTML5, even in its current ALPHA state.

This site also shows you another important aspect of GameMaker HTML5. Because you can export your game using exactly the same source base, you can now easily make demos of your game to put on the web without having to recode everything from scratch! Simply remove some content (if you want to!) and export!

We hope to show some Facebook integration soon, but for now... go and enjoy the demos and games on show, and let your imagination run wild and think what you'll be able to do with your own web game!




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