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YoYo happenings

Posted on 27 July 2011

The YoYo office is getting a bit cramped these days. We just got a delivery of more desks and chairs in the lower, unused, part of the office. A stark contrast from the empty office a year ago, we'll be needing a bigger boat soon... :)


Sandy will be talking at Protoplay next week Protoplay is the culmination of the whole Dare to be Digital competition.  It’s a three day celebration of games, gaming and creativity. In previous years, ProtoPlay has featured many of the world’s leading developers showing off their new games, workshops, lectures and talks on everything from getting into videogames, through to new technologies and games. Previously hosted in the Scottish Capital Edinburgh, this is now being held in Dundee. 

Pic of some of those involved for the launch above.

YoYo are going to this years Games Developer Conference (GDC) in Cologne, Germany in a few weeks time. We're going to be meeting with other developers to discuss games, ideas, and future plans. GameMaker is being featured in a Dutch magazine (in English) that will be given out free to all attending GDC. More to follow on this as and when it happens.

Quick updates

We will be introducing a 'Tech blog' part to the site any day now which will contain technical progress on GameMaker, problem solving issues and musings from Russell and Mike. 

Our new HTML5 GameMaker animation is now up on the homepage, made with GameMaker of course!

GameMaker 8.1.120 is out now with a new MiniMap on the Room Editor and choice of Stable or Beta Channel for future updates.

YY Forum is still being updated, GMC re-skinning is almost complete and hope to have this rolled out next week(ish) :)

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