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Posted on 20 July 2011


GameMaker Standard version 8.1.113 came out this week. This contains changes to the Room Editor with the scrollbars removed so you can now navigate holding down the middle mouse button and moving the mouse (or holding space bar+left mouse button and moving the mouse). Improvements to multi-language support are better and there is a host of bug fixes.

Mike Dailly has been working on a new animation for the homepage screen of the scrolling GameMaker logos created in GameMaker to replace the Flash one. Keep your eyes peeled for this appearing on the site within the week.


Jesse Venbrux is in Seattle this week to give his first presentation on his game at Casual Connect called ‘Creating addictive gameplay in They Need To Be Fed’.

He will be talking about how he designed the game, his decision-making process and what he learnt from it.  He will also be showing an exclusive demo of They Need To Be Fed in GameMaker HTML5! We’ll pop this up for you to look at very soon afterwards. Good luck Jesse!

In the same vein, we now have a closed Alpha for GameMaker HTML5 where we have a selected group of seasoned industry developers working with us. We have included selected GMC mods in this for their critical input to bring us a step closer to releasing this exciting tool. We’ll keep you updated on developments along the way.

Community Games

Vertigo Games (GreenTech+) have been working on a cool looking game called Neptune Gasoline made in GameMaker with plans to release this year on PC Very nice indeed! We look forward to hearing a lot more on this.


Cinders by MoaCube is a game of  high visual quality with an edgy modern twist, it has to have special recognition. YoYo are happily helping out with some performance issues as it is made in GameMaker. You have to agree, it does look rather unique and we are rather excited about it’s release!


Cinders is available on pre-order for Mac and PC, check the trailer here -

More info from

To see more games that deserve recognition, go to where the most popular games are being reviewed by the GameMaker Community and the Sandbox where there is over 43,000 reviews on members games.

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