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Posted on 15 July 2011


With help from the team at PocketGamer, The Guardians’ Games Blog has listed the 25 best smartphone games of 2011 (pt 1) and has featured Karoshi.

Originally developed by Dutch coder Jesse Venbrux as a series of Flash puzzlers, Karoshi is now on smartphone, and the excellent conversion retains the central concept: you have to kill your character. Yes, Karoshi is Japanese for 'death from overwork' and the idea is to seek out all the platforming elements you're usually meant to avoid, from rampaging enemies, to deadly spikes and traps. There are also little sequences to work out which will usually end in Mr Karoshi being crushed or electrocuted. "It's all quite breezy and tongue in cheek," says Hearn. " However, the workplace setting and the presence of Mr Karoshi's boss, whose mood determines how high Mr Karoshi can jump, invite more sinister interpretations if you're inclined to make them. The occasional appearance of Mrs Karoshi, who frustrates her husband's suicide attempts by turning spikes into flowers, is a moving touch."

We successfully released NinJammin Beat-Jitsu last week through YoYo Publishing and we plan to release another NEW game by early August. We hope to fill in all the information on our page for public submissions VERY soon but we would like to get it right first time so this is why it has taken a bit longer.


We listened to the thread discussions on both forums and while we are NOT changing any the style look and feel we are interested in the feedback to actual improvements. Some of these you might recognize..

We replaced the YY bullet icons with cogs as suggested.

We added the newsfeed onto the front homepage.

Updated the FAQ.

We also noted that some were confused on the small but significant change to the ‘GameMaker’ name itself. Previously it was known as ‘Game Maker’ (two separate words). The ‘Game Maker’ name is cannot be trade marked but we don’t want to change it so we have just had to live with this aspect. We closed this gap so it became ‘GameMaker’ as we believe this is more cohesive for branding.

GameMaker descriptions got tweaked again with the insertion of tick boxes of features to show the main differences between Lite and Standard.

First description on GameMaker for HTML5 now on.

Still on our evergrowing list (but not exhaustive);

  • Tweaking the games showcase coverflow and add the authors.
  • Putting up developers profiles.
  • New resource materials.
  • Technical blog page for the techy geeks :)

We are currently underway with re-skinning the GMC in line with the site for consistency. No layout changes will happen but will require new GM logo etc and header links will be moved around. The GMC mods will be in the loop with these changes before being rolled out at the end of the month.

Some of you might have already noticed a few changes to the sandbox (most notably the ability to change your own user names). Expect more exciting changes soon! Yes, we are talking about upgrading and improving the forum software. It won't stop there, the new forum software will make it far easier for continuous improvement and allow us to more easily keep on top of maintenance and bug fixing.

More coming soon!

The YoYo Team

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