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Creative Game Challenge Competition winner

Posted on 27 June 2011

Jesse Vogel wins Grand Prize Game Creative Challenge 2011 based in Utrecht University, The Netherlands. He won the first prize of 1500 euros in the original puzzle game Project W made entirely in GameMaker.

Project W, No cgc10095
Project W is a platform / puzzle game. The icebergs in the Arctic melt and sea levels rise. Countries threaten to overflow, so you must save those countries. This is done by means of levers that open and close locks. So does your water and undergroundwater level drops. Each level is a red line to see until the water level down so as to unlock next level.

In this game, the theme of the contest - Water - is the central role. The properties of water determine the gameplay. The subject of the game - the world free from flooding, is also well reflected in the levels where the player every time another country helps to lower the water level. Project W is a fun and original puzzle game with puzzles that are hard enough to get stuck, but not so difficult that you'll be driven to despair. There is a good build-up in the difficulty of the puzzles. The design of the game can be described as 'oldskool' and is implemented consistently throughout the game.

Read the full jury report here (in Dutch) on all the finalist games

The jury consisted of the following members:

  • Jan-Pieter van Seventer, strategic director of Dutch Game Garden, teaching Game Design School of the Arts (HKU)
  • Zuraida Buter, independent researcher and project manager, involved in suchinternational organization Global Game Jam, Professor School of the Arts (HKU)
  • Arjen Brussee, Development Director / Head of Production / member management team Guerrilla Games
  • Juney Dijkstra, Utrecht University computer science student
  • Michael Bass, director Ranj Serious Games
  • Marlies Wines, chairman, consultant in social issues, interim director and fundraiser

Well done Jesse and everybody that was in that tough final!

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