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Posted on 24 June 2011


We attended The Game Creators Academy competition final this week in Kirkcaldy and it was a blast. Some of these students have achieved great things in GameMaker.  YoYo Producer Stuart attended and judged the games for the final, a great time was had and was a real pleasure to see young people being so engaged and dedicate so much of their free time. Very inspiring! We hope to have some photos and a video on its way with a wee write up (after some editing) to show you soon.

Dr Jacob Habgood is delivering a series of workshops next week based around GameMaker at  the Schools Videogame Festival hosted at Brinsworth Comprehensive School, Rotherham. See the website here - Jacob is one of the senior lecturers in games development at Sheffield Hallam University and the author of 'The GameMakers Companion' an excellent hobbyist book on game development using GameMaker aimed at pre-university level.


This bears repeating: Improving GameMaker ranging from entry level to serious developers is our future.
Yes, with any change we will lose some people, but we will gain many others. GameMaker has been famous as an excellent entry level tool that is easy to use. We want to continue to make this as popular as it has ever been. The customer base for GameMaker ranges from hobbyists, schools and teachers, web gamers, Universities, etc. The potential of GameMaker is realised prominently amongst the younger generation and we recognise many as incredibly talented, so naturally offering the next steps going forward is expected. Our aim to gain further reach into gaming markets and gain a larger reputation amongst developers.

The face of the new website will showcase published games, the old site will remain and linked to on the main menu. Simple.

The uploading of your games will be alive and well on the old site, this hasn't changed. All the games previously submitted will stay. Nothing is being deleted. We think this is a good compromise for new visitors seeing a much cleaner site while still offering the same functionality for existing members.

We want to be able to offer more though, to build upon what's already there and improve. A good point was made on having a place where developers can meet and talk in professional settings. This is what we are aiming for.

The site is around 80% complete and (fingers crossed) ready by early next week! We are putting together a selected focus group of respected Admins and Mods next week to go through the new site next week. They will help with suggestions, changes and all round thorough road testing.

YoYo news

Mark Overmars has joined twitter! Go follow him @mark_overmars

Mark has tweeted that he is discussing a new book on game programming that Arjan Egges is writing together with him. This is not GameMaker, it is a book on learning C# and intended for undergraduate study. Marks role is more of an advisor and is primarily Arjans book. It will be ready at some far off point in the future but we'll keep you posted.

Last but not least, Super Snake HD is in iTunes new and noteworthy this week (puzzle and arcade) in the UK, US, Netherlands, Australia, France and Italy stores! Its got 4.5 star ratings already :) Yay!

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