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Karoshi and other news

Posted on 31 May 2011


Karoshi version 1.1.0 has now been submitted for approval to Apple, and is now already out on Android from Friday!

The iOs release is imminent for release hopefully later this week.

This update includes the following;

  • OpenFeint implementation:
    • Android: Achievements (11 new), Leaderboards
    • iOS: Achievements (11 new), Leaderboards, Invitation and Social Notifications

Sandy was in the house last week, cracking the whip in all directions! All projects are into schedule and we're hitting our targets to make sure all projects of YoYo are updated, improved and keep pushing new content out there. Hopefully the next time he's up there's going to be a curry in our near future :)  Sandy also started a new (personal) twitter account @lordoftheyoyo - go add him!


Dare to be Digital (for those not familiar) is an acclaimed video game development competition for students in the UK held in Abertay University, Dundee. For 9 weeks in the summer, teams develop a prototype game and showcased to the general public. Those who compete are usually 'ones to watch' in the industry and an ideal platform for aspiring game dev students to flex their talents.

Dare Academy is a new initiative developed under the Dare to be Digital umbrella. The aim of the Academy is to provide learning and skills for anyone who wants a career change or for continued professional development. We are pleased to promote that they are running a GameMaker course A project based course, producing your own game, to be ready for release on the Android market. Aimed at anyone with a game idea and wants to publish it.

Community Interest

A hard working team in our community have worked very hard on a game they are going to release that you might be familiar with called Wanderlust: Rebirth.

Wanderlust: Rebirth Trailer

This game, made entirely on GameMaker 7, is a 4-player co-op arcade RPG and the team were voted in as a top 100 indie project for 2010 on Jason Gordy and Matthew Griffin met through the GMC and have been working together on this game for 4.5 years and must have taken a huge amount of effort and dedication! We are really proud to get behind these guys to show just what kind of quality that is possible with GameMaker :D

Cracking job lads, well done, round of applause here!!


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