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News Roundup

Posted on 26 May 2011


Small reminder that GameMaker Standard 8.1 will only be on sale for $25 until June 1st 2011 - then it will go up to $39.99! This will not affect upgrades which are free to those who have GameMaker 8 (with a valid purchase reference).

Still working away providing new updates, thanks to all those who provide feedback so we can fix, debug, improve. Keep em coming!

YoYo Activity

Mike, Russell, Sandy met Mark (Overmars) last week in his hometown of Utrecht. Very quick visit but really useful for YoYo to get together and brainstorm face to face. As you can see Mark is happy (or laughing at one of Sandys bad jokes) and actively involved with YoYo in future projects :)

New team member this week is Darrell Flood (better known to some of you as Dadio -  who will be working with Geoff on the art side of things.

He'll be handling the polishing of artwork for future games as well as some gameplay mechanics and level design. Darrell has been in Japan for the last 9 years doing online art contact (& survived the earthquake and radiation) has a large interest in Anime and claims to be a serious games junkie! Please say hello :)

The website is still at the early designing stage. Some of the google analytics are proving interesting and thought we would share some of what we see recently on our homepage.

From 16th April to 16th May 2011;

  • We have had 1.5 million visits.
  • 56% of these are new visitors.
  • We are up 8.43% on our visitor count.

We won't bore you with the endless details but in all, it's not too shabby but we reckon we can improve this significantly with some improvements to content and clearer navigation. Looking forward to sharing an outline of this with you very soon..

Game Releases

Teaser alert! We've been very busy lately updating a couple of popular games with some NEW content. We expect these to be ready in the next month (or even sooner) if we can test these out without too many problems. Watch this space for when we can reveal what and when... Remember to follow us on Twitter @YoYoGameMaker and Facebook for up to the minute release info as and when it happens.

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