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Go faster stripes!

Posted on 3 May 2011

Some of you will know that I've been working on speeding up GameMaker's 3D performance, and I thought I'd let you see where it's currently at! You can find a link to the demo below...In the archive is the source, and 2 .EXEs. One using the current version of GameMaker (8.1.71), and one using the new, as yet unreleased version of GameMaker (probably 8.1.72). This optimised version is lightyears ahead of the old one, and is quite capable of delivering highly complex 3D environments. On top of this, the demo also has 8x FSAA enabled, which we hope to get in as an option inside GameMaker itself. The initial support will simply be a drop down box allowing you to specify how much AA you want, but we hope to extend this to better runtime support later. Special thanks to xot and FredFredrickson for also providing 3D tests, these were of great help as well.

Along with these changes, we're also fixing "surfaces", allowing them to finally be used in 3D without external DLLs; and many thanks to amd42 for his help in this, and for providing me with a sample to get up and running quickly with - that was a huge help!

We still have some work to do on this, but with luck the update will be out soon so that you can all have a play with it.


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