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First GameMaker 8.1 update!

Posted on 19 April 2011

Our first update (8.1.69) has now been released! You can get this simply by running GameMaker and allowing the new updater to "do it's thing". GameMaker 8.1.69 is mostly bug fixes, but has a couple of cool new features.

First, we've added the ability to turn OFF the new parameter checking system. This gives extension makers time to update them, without forcing those of you making games with them, back into Game Maker 8.0. This is a PER-GAME option, and you can find the switch in the Global Game Settings dialog. Any Game Maker 8.0 game loaded, is automatically set to having this OFF, but you can always change it back if you've upgraded your scripts. Be warned; this IS going to be mandatory in the future, so please use the extra time to upgrade your scripts.

We've also added the ability to control the Anti-Alias settings in the FONT dialog Since the new FONT system has removed the ability to use the (very) old bitmap fonts, we've added this to make sure you can still do those retro style games, with nice "clunky" fonts. Not only that, but there are now 3 anti-alias settings, meaning you can now fine-tune your font so it's not quite as soft as it was with 8.1. Please note however, these settings won't be visible in the FONT dialog just yet that will come in a future update; we felt it more important to give you the setting NOW, rather than waiting for it.

And lastly... we've added some folder links so that you can find all those tutorials, libs and extensions that GameMaker stores in it's program folder, meaning you don't have to go looking for it. There's one in the HELP menu, and if you do a fresh install there's also some in the main windows START menu. We'll be updating the GM installer links later.

You can find a complete list here: release-notes.html

So go and download the new version, and have fun!!

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