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GameMaker 8.1 is here!

Posted on 15 April 2011

The YoYo team are delighted to be announce the release of GameMaker 8.1 Standard and Lite Editions today, available from our store link below.

This version is for WINDOWS only, and contains many new and upgraded features, which makes GameMaker more powerful and enjoyable to use than ever before.

Our previous announcement lists the details all the new features.

Those of you who have already purchased Game Maker 8, you will be able to upgrade for FREE! If you are a new customer or currently using GameMaker Lite, you will be able to upgrade to the new GameMaker 8.1 Standard Edition through our store. This will stay at the low price of $25 until the 1st June 2011.  After this time, GameMaker 8.1 Standard will cost $39.99.

Upgrading process to 8.1

What you need is your “Purchase Reference”. If you don’t have your Purchase Reference, then follow this link and enter the email address you used to register Game Maker- it should automatically send you what you need. If you no longer use that address or the link sends you an email without any details, then email and they will deal with this within 24 hours (weekdays only).

By going to the Store you will be able to click on GameMaker and upgrade or purchase easily.

We'd like to thank you all for your patience, we wanted to make sure everything was working right before we released. We hope you enjoy GameMaker 8.1 and look forward to seeing some amazing games come out of it!


The YoYo Team

NB- if you have any problems at all i.e. your code appearing to be invalid, please contact us via the where we will be able to track and advise. Thanks

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