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A younger image for an all new GameMaker!

Posted on 1 April 2011

The All new 'GamerMaker for Kids' logo!

Some of you might have been following the various posts about the new version of GameMaker, and part of this discussion it became clear that we've lost much of the education side of the program. Part of this discussion centered on the fact that we really want to get more kids involved, and so we think that with the release with 8.1 it's a good time to change our image and aim for the younger demographic. To this end, we've spent some time coming up with a new look for GameMaker, and so we're now proud to present the all new GameMaker logo!

The new simpler logo has been designer to targeted the educational markets, and in particular bringing in parents and young children into game programming. This is the first of several measures we'll implement which is aimed at making GameMaker a simple application, more child friendly and easier to use. GameMaker 8.1 will be the last version in the current style, and we believe that it's as much as most hardcore users will need. The new version (which we've been talking about for awhile now) will be the all new "GameMaker for Kids!". More focus will be placed on an all new drag and drop mechanic, and will allow you to attach pre-canned behaviors making it simple for kids to make the game of their dreams. It will boast complex yet simple to control physics systems, an all new GUI for allowing simple 3D games to be created, while there will be several new videos and tutorials for getting the younger (and inexperienced) designer up and running.

The aim of GameMaker has always been to introduce new people to wonders of game creation, without the need of programming, and we believe we can finally achieve this with the newly designed GUI and all new "Aboyne" runtime engine.

The new GameMaker for Kids will be available at the start of Q4 this year for the same low price of $39.99, and unlike previous versions will be available IN STORES nationwide, with the aim to go worldwide soon after. We're incredibly excited about this new application and the new distribution deals we've put in place, and hope you'll join us when the new version finally appears in stores.

EDIT: Yes folks, this really was an April Fool, we hope you enjoyed it... thanks for the feedback.

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