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Game Maker 8.1 Announcement

Posted by Mike Dailly on 21 March 2011

YoYo Games have had a very busy 2010 and it's taken us a year to update Game Maker 8, but we can now give you good news!   Game Maker 8.1 is now almost ready, and coming real soon! It will feature the new update mechanism that has proven to be so popular with Game Maker for Mac, and this will allow us to deliver more updates, quicker in the future.

Many of you will be aware that we've grown the YoYo games team significantly in the last 12 months.  To help pay for this we have decided to  increase the cost of Game Maker, but we believe that current and future updates will continue to represent real value for money, and will continue to allow you to make great games, with a constantly evolving and improving product.  So, for a limited time; until June 1st 2011, you will still be able to get Game Maker Standard, 8.1 for just $25 !

Game Maker Standard, 8.1 replaces Game Maker Pro, 8.0 and will be required as THE version for the Game Store publishing (which we are working on the opening very soon), and so we recommend everyone upgrades as soon as possible.

Game Maker Standard 8.1

Cost: $39.99

Current Features:

No more Softwrap!
Changed room editor RIGHT mouse click priorities. Menu for normal, CTRL+RMB for delete
You can now RIGHT CLICK an object and EDIT it from within the Room Editor
You can now use the mouse wheel to ZOOM in/out in the Room editor.
Middle mouse button PANS around the room
A customisable background grid has been applied to the room editor.
The Image Editor has been updated to use the mouse wheel and middle button for better zooming and panning.
You can now PAN around inside the PATH editor using the middle mouse button.
You can now change the default background colour for rooms (when no ROOM background has been set)
You can now disable background room filling, so you can see the background GRID when no ROOM colour has been set
A new and improved NEWs system, bringing together news and tech tips from across the community.
New, more secure  .EXE encryption.
New GML commands such as draw_self() and d3d_light_define_ambient.
Some custom YoYo extensions brought into the fold, such as os_type and os_device to aid multiplatform coding.
Better 2D and 3D support with a 24bit ZBuffer and faster rendering.
Improved code editor features include;

Faster rendering
Block TAB'ing
Better accented character support
Easier to use Code Completion support
Customisable background colours.

On top of these great new features, we have also been busy fixing some of your most annoying bugs, and as always there will be a free, Lite version of Game Maker 8.1 for those of you beginning your game development careers, and who want to test the waters with this fabulous product before taking the plunge!

What does this mean for current Game Maker users?

Those of you who have already purchased Game Maker 8, you will be able to upgrade for FREE! If you are a new customer or currently using Game Maker Lite, you will be able to upgrade to the new Game Maker Standard 8.1 through our store. This will stay at the low price of $25 until the 1st June 2011.  After this time, Game Maker Standard 8.1 will cost $39.99.

Current users of Game Maker 7 will still be able to continue using their product, but will have to pay to upgrade to Game Maker 8.1.

We appreciate your support and feedback and our aim for the rest of 2011 is to maintain and improve Game Maker and service, so a big thank you from us to you, from all of us here at YoYo!

Best regards,
The YoYo Team

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