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GreenTechPLUS+ out on PSP!

Posted on 26 January 2011

The YoYo Game Store is proud to present the first PSP Game Maker game!

*fanfare* :D

greenTechPLUS+ is an eco Puzzle game where the player directs pollution using a storm to different filters that disperse the pollution.

Utilising a unique retro 1980’s styled interface, you take control of a global hurricane to cluster and guide clouds of pollution from factories across the globe into Air Cleansing Units to prevent their dispersal into the atmosphere, and the rise in global warming.

With 6 tiers of difficulty to test your reflexes and problem solving skills, 30 distinctive and challenging levels to perfect, and 40 new screens to unlock, join the fight to save mankind and download greenTechPLUS+ today!

If you have a PSP you can use this to go to the store directly to find it priced at only $2.99! Another exciting leap into a new area for the YoYo team and aspirational Game Makers :)

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