GameMaker: Studio V1.1.964 out now!

Posted on 3 May 2013


  • Windows8 RT now final
  • Windows8 javascript and RT now has ads
  • Joypad axis has been standardised (when using GML constants). Negative is up, and positive down.
  • Joypads support now available on Ubuntu
  • Mac line drawing issues fixed
  • Some surface issues on Android and Mac fixed
  • Snap speed on Windows8 RT sped up.
  • os_get_language() has been added to windows 8
  • WebGL blend modes fixed up.
  • Some extension issues has been addressed
  • if hiscore.dat or achivement.dat are not required, they are no longer written out.
  • Mac create executable has been fixed.
  • Game load "tiles" has been fixed
  • HTML5 now has buffer support - where supported by the browser.
  • New documentation on how buffers work
  • New Windows 8 live tiles documentation added
  • Updated some advertising SDKs

Please see the release notes for full details....

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