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New Image Editor Features (EA and 1.4+)

Posted by Mark Alexander on 18 July 2014

The Early Access version of GameMaker: Studio (from version 1.99.177 upwards) has seen some changes to the Image Editor based on common user feature requests. These features will later be added to the regular version of GameMaker: Studio with the next 1.4 update.

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Creating A Simple Extension For iOS And Android

Posted by Mark Alexander on 11 July 2014

Extensions for iOS and Android were first introduced in the 1.3 beta version of Gamemaker: Studio. With the advent of the 1.4 version, the process for creating them has changed somewhat to make things easier and more streamlined. So, in this Tech Blog, we are going to take you through the steps required to make an extension for those platforms. It is worth noting that you will be required to have a working knowledge of Objective C for iOS extensions and Java for Android extensions as well as a good working knowledge of GML (the GameMaker Language).

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How To Make A Marketplace Ready Package Using Early Access 1.4

Posted by Mark Alexander on 4 July 2014

This week we saw the launch of the YoYo Games Marketplace and an update to the 1.4 version of GameMaker: Studio. This update permits you to create content for other people to buy (or get for free) through Marketplace. To do this, you will need to be able to create asset packages, which are GMEZ style files containing the assets from a project for distribution, and they can include sprites, audio, scripts, extensions... basically anything that goes in your games resources tree can be packaged up and added to Marketplace.

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Explaining Blend Modes - Part 2

Posted by Mark Alexander on 27 June 2014

In the previous article that we published on blend modes, we covered the simple blend modes that you can use in your games, and gave an overview of how they work. However, to really get the most from blend modes you have step away from the general ones that GameMaker: Studio supports and start to use the extended blend modes.

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Explaining Blend Modes - Part 1

Posted by Mark Alexander on 20 June 2014

If you've been using GameMaker: Studio for any length of time, you will almost certainly have come across blend modes, and probably even used them in your games. Blend modes are a great way to change how something is drawn to give interesting and specific graphical effects, but do you know how they work? This is a subject that can confuse people and so in this and the following article we hope to dispel some of the mystery surrounding blend modes and enable you to use them to their fullest extent in your games.

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Ad Provider Demos

Posted by James Foreman on 13 June 2014

We've released the new and expanded version 2 of all the ad provider demos. If you already have an earlier version, delete your downloaded copy from %localappdata%\GameMaker-Studio\demo and then download the demo again to get the new versions - GameMaker won't automatically update your existing copy.

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Building Your App For iOS

Posted by Mark Alexander on 6 June 2014

With the update to the 1.3 version of GameMaker: Studio, certain changes have been made to the way that apps are built for iOS. Previously you were required to use the Application Oven to build the YoYo Runner for testing and for building a final IPA for submission to the store. This is now no longer necessary, and the toolchain has been simplified.

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APK Expansions And Google Play

Posted by Mark Alexander on 30 May 2014

When submitting your game to the the Google Play store, you will see that it currently limits the upload size of an individual application to 50MB. However there are larger games out there that you can download and they get around this limitation by using APK Expansions.

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Using Advertising Extensions

Posted by Mark Alexander on 16 May 2014

Please be aware functionality has been changed and expanded greatly in a more recent v2 of this demo which can be accessed here.

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Quick Start To Programming Particles

Posted by Mark Alexander on 9 May 2014

This tutorial is for those users that have progressed beyond the Drag'n'Drop interface and want to start using code to create their particle effects. As such, you should have a basic understanding of how to use GML (The GameMaker Language). If you want to use particles using Drag'n'Drop, there is a basic tutorial included with GameMaker: Studio which can be accessed from the Start Up splash screen Tutorials Tab. There is also an example GMZ available here to accompany this tutorial.

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Optimising The Draw Pipeline

Posted by Mark Alexander on 2 May 2014

The original intent of the article that you are reading was to help people who wish to create games for the OUYA console optimise the draw pipeline and get the best performance possible from some (let's be honest here) low end hardware. However, that's not to say that the techniques shown here are only for that platform... They most definitely are not! You can use the optimisations that we will discuss on almost all target platforms, and you will get an FPS boost from them, although the optimisations will be most noticeable on low-end mobile devices.

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An introduction to Binary

Posted by Mike Dailly on 25 April 2014

Back in the day, binary and hex were a way of life, probably because we never used high level languages such as BASIC as they were simply too slow, and that left us pretty close to the metal of the machine. The advantage of this of course, is that we understood exactly how the machine worked, and lots of shortcuts to make things faster - a must in the days when CPUs barely crawled along at a few Mhz at a time.

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Update: Build Failure Fix Now in Steam Beta

Posted by James Foreman on 24 April 2014

A fix for the issues brought into Steam’s latest client API which prevented external SDKs and build tools to be called within GameMaker: Studio has now been pushed to Steam’s public client beta prior to being released live.

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Steam Client API Update Causing Build Failures

Posted by James Foreman on 23 April 2014


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LiquidFun Physics Particles

Posted by Mark Alexander on 18 April 2014

GameMaker: Studio uses the well known Box2D physics library to give you the ability to create fast and efficient physics simulations in your game, and it works very well indeed! However, one of the limitations of Box2D is that it only simulates "rigid" bodies... However those clever chaps at Google have expanded the Box2D library to include their "Liquid Fun" module, which adds physics particles, giving you the ability to create fluid-like particle simulations as well as particle based soft-bodies. This module (v0.9.0) has now been integrated into GameMaker: Studio, and in this article we'll give you a brief overview of how it works...

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